Sunday 11 May 2014

Evictions Mount

There were 10,475 repossessions of rented homes in the first quarter of the year - the highest in five years. 

This is out of 47,220 applications to courts, of which 31,000 were by social landlords and 6,500 by private landlords.

And a further 200,000 revenge evictions against tenants who had complained of work needing to be done to make their homes fit for occupation, says Shelter.

There are 1,700,000 people on Housing Waiting Lists in Britain.  These aren't scroungers, but mainly ordinary working people who simply can't afford to buy or rent as home.   And all the Government is doing is encouraging developers to create more luxury flats or build expensive new houses for sale - putting more people into mortgage debt.  Meanwhile the banks are borrowing money from their customers or from the Government at 0.1 per cent and re-lending it at up to 7 per cent. They say they're getting Britain's debt down, but they're conspiring to get total mortgage debt up to over 1.2 trillion - which they say helps boost the economy.

 All victims of a Government reneging on its responsibility to house its people. 

Monday 3 March 2014

Government mistakes

The Government says it is getting Britain's debt down.  But with Help To Buy it is actually encouraging the creation of more debt.  More vulnerable mortgagors to add to the country's 1.2trillion of mortgage debt already.  It only makes profit for their money-lender friends.

Sunday 5 January 2014

22% more first-time buyers.  24% of homeowners facing repayment problems, even before interest rates rise,  Government thinks as long as it's selling something, the economy's sll right.   But its selling boom can rapidly turn to bust.

Saturday 4 January 2014

Call to Action

Bristol, Europe’s 2015 Green Capital, is crowd-funding housing.  Permanently-affordable homes on secure long-term tenancies, owned on behalf of the community so they can’t be sold off on the speculative market.  Shares offer good interest: invest now.